2015 in Review

Please note that Caring Hearts is run out of the homes of volunteers and as such we cannot post those addresses online. 

Caring Hearts continues to find new volunteers and depend on the long time volunteers to create clothing and blanket items for children in need.

No funding is received and the volunteers use their own materials or the generous donations received by others to craft the hand made items. The finished items are picked up and delivered to programs by volunteers who donate their time and gas expenses

We have distributed over 6500 items to children in need again this year. (5350 items in 2014)

Caring Hearts helps community programs, transition houses and inner city schools in Surrey, New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam and Vancouver.

Below are some of the programs and schools that have received items from Caring Hearts this year:

Burnaby Healthy pregnancies

Crisis Pregnancy Centre

Burnaby Family life

New West Family place

Crabtree Corner

Covenant House

Tiny Bundles @ Surrey Food Bank

Frog Hollow

Brittania Community Centre

Children Who Witness Abuse programs in Burnaby

Delta Police Victims Services

RCMP Victims Assistance


Surrey Christmas Bureau

Surrey Healthy Babies

Options Community Services

Evergreen transition house

Virgina Sam transition house

Maxine Wright

Koomseh 2nd Stage transition Shelter

YMCA Single Moms Programs

Elementary Schools in Surrey, Delta, New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam and Vancouver

Caring hearts has had many changes and surprises. We've sent out all of the finished product we could get. At the last AGM that was held on May 1st, 2011 we were unable to find enough volunteers to make up a board and as a result we have had to dissolve our "registration". We are continuing to operate from the homes of several volunteers.

Our phone number has remained the same and messages continue to be picked up frequently. Please call if you need more info. Many of our children are still in need and we really love making a difference in their lives. Please continue to help.

We Always Need Help
Request Letter in Word.
Request Letter in Pdf.

Caring Hearts has volunteers donating their time and skills to make clothing, blankets and quilts for children in sizes that range from newborn to teenagers. We provide clothing for all seasons and distribute our finished items throughout the year to many community programs in all areas of the lower mainland. Our volunteers create the hand crafted items in their own homes on their own time.

Caring Hearts is helping reduce the trauma for children in crisis, who become placed in difficult situations by giving them hand made items. These items may be the first article that was ever made ... just for them. Imagine the feeling of knowing that someone you haven't even met, did this for you! This is where your charitable contributions have the greatest social effect. Since a child's self esteem and sense of worth ultimately effects their social attitudes, giving them both pride and comfort, can produce enormous long-term rewards for our community and society at large. 


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